Hi all!

Have a look at our News page to find out what we've been up to over the last year or so. The new album is coming along, but we've never been the fastest at recording, and of course COVID-19 has made the process stretch out even longer than we could have anticipated. But we WILL get it finished soon!


Meanwhile, you may find this interesting. . .


1912 LIVE EP

Something different from 1912:
Four songs recorded in one day "live" at Robannas, in August 2017.
Mixed and released the same week!

"Maybe I Lied"

"Square The Circle"

"Partial View"

"Eyes Shine Bright"

We had been down to a four-piece, with Alex unavoidably unavailable for a year or so. During this time, we developed a leaner, rockier sound, with a more direct and emotional presentation of the songs. Many existing songs were reworked for the new band format, and we decided that we should record some of these - but in a "live" setting. So we booked a day at Robannas and laid down four tracks (including a brand new song!), with all instruments played and recorded simultaneously. As a result, these songs are exactly as we'd perform them live, with only minimal post-production and mixing.

Alex has now rejoined - but this time he's playing guitar instead of keyboards. So the band sound has changed once again - now with a powerful twin-guitar edge!
Who knows what we'll come up with over the next few months? Well, one thing's for sure: new songs are coming thick and fast; so we may have a whole new set by the end of the year!

You can listen to all the new tracks (and a selection of tracks from our first three albums) at our Soundcloud page:


We also hope to have CDs of these recordings available at upcoming gigs.

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